Are you Looking for Free Music Download?

Following are the greatest Music search websites for true music lovers. Note that all these websites are free so just fasten your seat belt and download as many songs as much you can.. Hope you will enjoy it as i do.




All of these three, enable you to search for any music you like and download it to your own computer. Oh, and they have another thing in common: They all transfer music from eSnips. I thought it would be a good time to pay eSnips a visit to see what’s going on there and was surprised to find the largest music-database I’ve ever seen. Not only you can find songs, but you can also find pictures, videos and any other media related to an artist..

I think eSnips is one of the first Web 2.0 application that I’ve tried, so I really respect them for their hard work – They really have an amazing community. Even if they’re not focusing just on music, it’s simply there, so you might as well enjoy it. Personally, I’d prefer to use them than other music search engines, but I still have some issues with their ‘must have window player’ in some places at the site. On the other hand, I was impressed that I could find songs that I didn’t even find at YouTube and was happy that I could search in my own language. (that’s important and none of the other services above offer). Moreover, it was very easy to create this playlist and share it here

Music at eSnips is all user generated content, and because eSnips actually giving a stage for young musicians and singers, they’ve recently changed their download policy at the site:

Up to now, audio files could be downloaded only when you were signed in. As of today, users who upload or already have a MP3 or WMA audio file in their folders can decide if it can be downloaded or not.


SSMunch is a simple search engine that helps you find the music you like on the web, then allows you to listen and download your favorite songs to your computer. None of the songs on site are hosted on SSMunch servers. SSMunch system crawls the internet for audio tracks and then provides the information for the users. SSMunch is free and easy to use, and very similar to:
Mp3gle | SeekMp3 | Woonz | Groupzz

However, the experience is faster because the site built with ajax, and you can also grab a search widget to your own site (well for at least now you can see, where the music comes from):

Another search engine that I tested today is Droble – Same idea, different design.

BTW, when I first wrote about SeekMp3, I really liked the service, but now this search engine drowning with ads. Ads are very legitimate of course, but at this site, it’s just disturbing.


More on this in their blog.

Bottom-line I’m going to use eSnips more simply because I really like the way people sharing music there, and the way eSnips itself care about their community


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