What a Woman Really Wants from Man?

What a Women really wants??Meet her Emotional Needs and she will Meet your Physical Needs

What a woman really wants from her man may not be what her man thinks she really wants. A woman’s needs are emotional as to where a man’s needs are physical. Women are more sensitive than men and a woman’s needs are easier to be met than the man may realize. The man may think he is taking care of all of her needs, when in reality; she is feeling very empty and lonely. I have composed a list of some ideas that a man can use to make his woman happier.

A Woman Likes for her Man to Listen

A woman likes to know that when she is talking her man is listening. Not only that he is listening, but also that he cares about what she is saying. However, in most cases, the man comes home from work and has had a long, stressful day. All he hears when she is talking is “blah, blah, blah.” He tries to tune her out and goes to his favorite recliner and grabs his handy remote control. He loves his television more than anything in the world.

She stands in front of the television and he leans left and right to see. Finally, she gives up and eventually, communication is lost, thus the relationship goes bad.

Communication is very important in a relationship. There is a way to stop your relationship from falling apart due to lack of communication. I know you men are tired when you come home, but I have a few suggestions:

  • When you first get home, ask your woman how her day was. When she answers, actually listen to what she has to say and respond. This will let her know that you care about what she went through during the day and that you want to know what she has to share with you.
  • Tell her about your day. Ask her for advice on problems you dealt with during the day.
  • After you communicate for awhile, then you can go and watch television.

I think communication is the most important factor to a healthy relationship. If you always know what your partner is feeling then you will always be close to each other.

A Woman Loves Compliments

A woman loves to be told how good she looks by her man. When you get home in the afternoons and she looks like she has spent hours getting ready to go nowhere, she did this for your attention. Tell her how hot she is. This will make her feel that you notice her and will help to keep her self esteem at a peak.

I know a lot of times you are exhausted and may not pay much attention to the fact that your woman is wearing make-up and has on that hot dress. However, if she does go way out to look good for you, you need to make an effort to let her know how fine she looks to your eyes.

If you fail to do this, the beautiful woman that you love will either quit trying to look good anymore. She will have her pajama’s on and her hair will be sticking straight up on top of her head at 5 in the afternoon because she knows that you will not notice if she does dress up for you. Or, she will dress herself up with the hope that someone else may compliment her. If this happens, you can tell your relationship good-bye. Someone else will notice her and she will like the self esteem booster. So men, just take a few minutes everyday and tell your woman that she is HOT.

A Woman Loves Romance

I know that most men are not very romantic. However, most women like a little romance. You do not have to spend your whole paycheck to romance your woman. There are simple things you can do to “knock her off of her feet.” Here are some things you can do to romance your woman:

  • Send her off to the store and fill the bedroom with candles. Put rose petals on the floor from the front door to the bed. Put rose petals on the bed also. Turn on some soft music and wait for her to get home. The rest is up to you.
  • Take her on a surprise picnic. Take some food in a basket, a blanket, a radio, and some wine if she likes wine. Find a secluded location and park your blanket in that spot. This will bring you closer and can be very romantic with little cost.
  • Go for a hike together. You could hike to a waterfall or just hike through the woods. This is a wonderful way to bond.
  • Take her out dancing and to her favorite restaurant
  • Surprise her with a romantic dinner one night

A Woman Loves to Cuddle

Women love to cuddle and be held. Men are usually thinking on different terms. Maybe you could just lie in bed and watch a movie together. Give her a gentle massage, hold her close to you and cuddle with her. Do not do anything more than this for a couple of nights. Just be close to her and let her be comfortable in your arms.

If you do this along with some of the other tips in this article, your woman will be “so into you.” If you can meet her emotional needs, she will meet your physical needs.

By Useful Knowledge


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