FREE Tools to Learn Guitar Playing Online

If you like to play a little guitar in between reading Make Use Of and surfing the internet then I am sure you’ve often wished for a few free tools to help you learn your guitar playing online. Unfortunately most decent guitar software and tools are either commercial or shareware.

Well luckily there is always a free alternative. This list is short, but provides you with all the essential tools and resources to learn and improve your guitar playing.

Guitar Tabs

Don’t feel bad if you can’t read music notation, 90% of guitarists can’t either regardless of fame or success. Using guitar tabs will provide you with everything you need to know to play any piece of guitar music.

Guitar Tabs Online

Power Tab Editor

Power Tab Editor is a completely free music notation creator. Tabs can also be played back using MIDI. Not only can you create your own music, but you learn songs by downloading Power Tab files created by other people.

There are a huge number of online tab websites, but in my experience only two are necessary:

Guitar Power Tab Editor

A user submission system, tabs are submitted then voted and commented on accordingly.Ultimate Guitar Chords is always my first source for tabs as the quality and quantity here is much greater then any other site.

If I cannot find a song I am looking for here then I will resort to 911 Tabs.

guitar tabs search

This is a search engine that indexes all available guitar tabs online. The reason that this isn’t my first choice when searching for tabs is that the website can be very slow and frustrating. Although a user rating and reporting system exists it is barely used so a huge proportion of indexed tabs are either dead links, duplicated content or just crap tabs.

As you download a number of tabs then you may start having trouble locating the songs you want on your own computer. Luckily the creators of Power Tab Editor thought of this and have also created Pt Librarian.

Pt Librarian will sit in your taskbar and after scanning your tab files meta data organize your collection much like music library software.

Guitar Scales V2

This is a fantastic application created using Adobe AIR. This application provides you with more scales then you will ever need, tuning options, strings and even number of frets. There isn’t much more I can say about this, its simple, attractive and incredibly useful.

Guitar Scales Practice and Lessons

What do you use to practice guitar? Do you have any favourite freeware applications? Let us know in the comments!


Are you Looking for Free Music Download?

Following are the greatest Music search websites for true music lovers. Note that all these websites are free so just fasten your seat belt and download as many songs as much you can.. Hope you will enjoy it as i do.




All of these three, enable you to search for any music you like and download it to your own computer. Oh, and they have another thing in common: They all transfer music from eSnips. I thought it would be a good time to pay eSnips a visit to see what’s going on there and was surprised to find the largest music-database I’ve ever seen. Not only you can find songs, but you can also find pictures, videos and any other media related to an artist..

I think eSnips is one of the first Web 2.0 application that I’ve tried, so I really respect them for their hard work – They really have an amazing community. Even if they’re not focusing just on music, it’s simply there, so you might as well enjoy it. Personally, I’d prefer to use them than other music search engines, but I still have some issues with their ‘must have window player’ in some places at the site. On the other hand, I was impressed that I could find songs that I didn’t even find at YouTube and was happy that I could search in my own language. (that’s important and none of the other services above offer). Moreover, it was very easy to create this playlist and share it here

Music at eSnips is all user generated content, and because eSnips actually giving a stage for young musicians and singers, they’ve recently changed their download policy at the site:

Up to now, audio files could be downloaded only when you were signed in. As of today, users who upload or already have a MP3 or WMA audio file in their folders can decide if it can be downloaded or not.


SSMunch is a simple search engine that helps you find the music you like on the web, then allows you to listen and download your favorite songs to your computer. None of the songs on site are hosted on SSMunch servers. SSMunch system crawls the internet for audio tracks and then provides the information for the users. SSMunch is free and easy to use, and very similar to:
Mp3gle | SeekMp3 | Woonz | Groupzz

However, the experience is faster because the site built with ajax, and you can also grab a search widget to your own site (well for at least now you can see, where the music comes from):

Another search engine that I tested today is Droble – Same idea, different design.

BTW, when I first wrote about SeekMp3, I really liked the service, but now this search engine drowning with ads. Ads are very legitimate of course, but at this site, it’s just disturbing.


More on this in their blog.

Bottom-line I’m going to use eSnips more simply because I really like the way people sharing music there, and the way eSnips itself care about their community

What if TAARE ZAMEEN PAR is made by someone else ??

*If Karan Johar made Taare*
– Obvious starcast:
– Shah Rukh Khan as the arts teacher (duh duh duh!!).
– Aryan Khan as the dyslexic child (even if he could not act for nuts).
– Rani Mukerjee as the kid’s mom (assuming Kajol is unavailable).
– Abhishek Bachchan as the kid’s dad.
– Amitabh Bachchan as the school principal (who cares if the role is ultra minute, he can afford it).
– It would be shot in New York to appeal to the NRI audience.
– The story line would obviously be different. SRK would fall for the dyslexic kid’s mom. The last scene would have the mom running to the teacher rather than the kid. And again, like in so many other movies, SRK would get someone else’s girl.
– It would have one dance number.
– The film would be titled ‘*Kuch Taare Zameen Par*.’

*If Sanjay Leela Bhansali made Taare*
– Obvious starcast:
– Salman as the teacher.
– Rani as the mother.
– Of course the whole film would be shot on elaborate sets. The school would be nothing short of Harvard university.
– An orchestra would play every time anyone cried.
– Slow motion, different camera angles for every scene.
– The school uniforms would match the classroom walls even though that does not make a f***ing difference.
– The film would cost 60 crores.

*If Farah Khan made Taare*
– Obvious starcast:
– SRK as the teacher (yawn).
– In the original Taare, Aamir makes an entry at the interval point. In Farah’s version, SRK would be on screen on for 2.30 hrs out of the 2.45 hrs and would be introduced
in the first scene itself.
– The story would be changed to make sure the above happened. The focus of the film would be a teacher who helps a kid fight dyslexia.
– To make it a complete entertainer, there would be a romantic angle, comedy, and action thrown in. Oh idea!! Nikumbh’s character likes another teacher and the kiddo helps him..
throw in some comedy moments there and you have romance and comedy settled. For action..
hmm.. lemme see.. oh yah, the kid gets kidnapped and the teacher fights the baddies to save him. Wow!! I’m quite an imaginative writer. I can see how Farah can write a film from scratch in two weeks straight.
– The film posters would have a big SRK with the tiny image of the kid in the background.

*If Rakesh Roshan made Taare*
– Obvious starcast:
– Hrithik Roshan as the teacher.
– Since Rakesh Roshan cannot think beyond science fiction these days, this film would have that too. Instead of dyslexia, the kid would have alienositis or something, a condition induced
due to him witnessing an alien abduction.
– Instead of Nikumbh being an arts teacher, he would be a physics teacher, and instead of asking kids to be creative, he would ask them to challenge the science we know.
– In the scene where Nikumbh asks the kids to open their minds and make whatever they want outdoors, the kid Ishaan, instead of making a boat, would end up making a working
spaceship prototype.
– Nikumbh would cure the kids problem by making a full fledged version of the kid’s prototype,
traveling to the alien planet, and asking them to give the kid his powers back.
– The film would have music by Rajesh Roshan ripped off from some world music.
– The film’s name would again start with a K.. probably ‘*Kuch Aliens Taaron se Zameen Par’*.
– The director would make sure Hrithik gets to show all his abilities. This would mean a scene with Roshan jr flexing his muscles, and a dance competition in the end, instead of
an arts competition.

*If Priyadarshan made Taare:*
– Obvious starcast:
– Akshay Kumar as the teacher.
– Paresh Rawal as the kid’s dad.
– It would be a brainless comedy. The kid’s dyslexia would be made fun of. Half the times
the parents will be running after the kid from one room to the other and
that, in the director’s opinion, would be funny.
– The film will be full of sex jokes. So for example, when Akshay would come to the parents
telling them that their son has dyslexia, the ignorant father would say something inappropriate like *’iss umar mein? par kaise, woh to hamesha boys school mein padha hai!’. * And* *yes, the director would think it is funny.
– In the climax of the film all the characters in the film would run around in the amphitheater for no reason, spilling colors on each other. That’s where the film will end, without any
logical conclusion.
– And of course, Paresh Rawal would emote like an epileptic himself making us question
the boy’s mental abilities anyway.