Redirecting index.php to site domain easily

It can be done with mod_rewrite in .htaccess like this:

Options +FollowSymLinks
RewriteEngine on
RewriteCond %{THE_REQUEST} ^[A-Z]{3,9}\ /index\.php\ HTTP/
RewriteRule ^index\.php$ [R=301,L]

THE_REQUEST is the original request from the client (browser or robot). The RewriteCond will only allow the RewriteRule to be invoked if the client actually requested index.php, and not if the current (internal) request is for index.php only as a result of mod_dir’s DirectoryIndex internal URL rewrite. While the rule pattern appears to be redundant, it improves the code efficiency because RewriteConds are only processed if the RewriteRule pattern matches.

The first directive may or may not be needed. It may cause a server error if it is needed but missing, or if it not needed but present. This depends on your server, so you may have to test to find out. The first two directives won’t be needed if you already have working rewriterules in your .htaccess file.


The five types of Men that Women will go for

The Bad Boy—He may not have a pot to p*ss in or a window to throw it out, but, if he’s a thug or some other type of bad boy, women will want him. BAD. They’ll wanna fight other women for him. They’ll wanna be his baby mama. They’ll wanna be the one that he settles for. Guess what? This dude’s not gonna settle! He loves the attention and he’ll play a woman as long as she lets him. And if you leave him? So what. There’s another woman waiting around the corner to take your place. Turns out he’s been seeing her on the side and women

The Brainiac—Women are turned on by a certain part of a man where the bigger, the better. I’m talking about his brain, of course! We love a man who can challenge our intellect and enlighten us on a few subjects, whether it be politics, mechanical engineering, or whatever subject matter we’re lacking knowledge in. It’s sexy when a man can hold a stimulating conversation and actually look us in the eye. It doesn’t hurt when he can answer a few questions while playing Trivial Pursuit, either.

The Charmer—Charisma is extremely important. Nobody wants to end up with someone who will bore them out of their skull. It’s important to us that our man is appreciated by our friends and loved ones. He should have the wit and charm to hold folks in awe for hours on end. We want to hear them say “What a great guy! I like him. When is he coming around again?”

The Knight in Shining Armor—Let’s face it, women don’t like wimps. We want a man to protect us from danger, defend our honor, and carry our heavy groceries (not necessarily in that order). We want a strong man in our corner. Not that we’ll test him, but we basically want him to be able to kick someone’s butt if it comes down to that.

The Perfect Man—Does he exist? Some seem to have found him. This is the guy who fits a good chunk of the checklist items of what we want in a man. Handsome? Check. Got a job? Check. Watches chick flicks without complaining? Check. He may have some little quirks that we think are cute, but overall he’s all that, and then some. Sometimes he’s right in front of us and we don’t even realize it.

By Tonya Raid

Five types of women that men go for

The Slut—It’s no secret that men are driven by what they see. The chicks that prance around in barely-there outfits and put themselves out there like walking sex billboards will definitely attract a man, but not for long. These women are the “Promiscuous” girls that Nelly Furtado sang about. They think it’s cute to get sloppy drunk and flash strangers. They feel empowered by having one-night stands and getting attention from as many men as they can. Without the shenanigans of these girls, Joe Francis of Girls Gone Wild fame would have been forced into another line of work.

The Knockout—She’s beautiful, she’s confident, and she knows how to get what she wants. All eyes are on her when she walks into a room. Mucho points for a man’s ego. Other men wish they could have her and women are slightly intimidated by her (although they won’t admit it).

The Challenge—Men love the thrill of the hunt. They want the woman that is attractive, smart, charming … and out of their reach. The woman who doesn’t fall all over them when other women do. The woman this is nonchalant or even slightly aloof regarding the fact that this man wants her so bad. She may even be his friend, but he just can’t quite get there.

The Submissive—These are women who will make a man feel like a man. She likes for him to take the bull by the horns in the relationship and she will cater to him no matter what. He won’t have to clean/take care of the kids/cook or do much of anything because she’s like his own personal servant.

The One You Can Take Home to Mama—This woman is just an all-around great catch. She gets along with his friends, understands him like no other, makes him laugh, shares his interests, stimulates his mind, maybe even lets him watch a game in peace every once in a while. She’s a keeper!

By: Tonya Reid

Top 10 cheesiest pick up lines for flirting

Trying to start a conversation with the stunning girl next door? Well, in that case say anything but: “your dad must be a thief because he stole the stars and put them in your eyes”, for that’s the most cheesiest chat-up line, according to a new survey.
The Top 10 cheesiest pick up lines revealed
In the latest survey of more than 400 people worldwide, the cheesiest chat-up lines have been revealed along with the celebrities most likely to say them.
The person who’s most likely to say the top most embarrassing chat-up line (according to the poll) is reality TV veteran Calum Best, reports the Telegraph.
The participants reckoned that humour was the best way of chatting somebody up with over 50 per cent of those surveyed saying comedy lines work best on them, such as “Do you have any raisins? How about a date?” and “Are you Jamaican, because you’re Jamaican me crazy” among the most popular.
Though the list of cheesy chat up lines was dominated by reality TV stars, footballers and singers, one of the more unexpected votes went to Countdown’s Carol Vorderman, with people voting her most likely to use the line “If I were to rearranged the alphabet I would put U and I together.”
Others on the list compiled by a maker of Dutch Edam cheese included Manchester United’s Cristiano Ronaldo who was voted as most likely to say “Did it hurt when you fell from heaven?” while Big Brother’s Sylvester Stallone lookalike Mario Marconi was tipped to say “I must be in heaven because I can see an angel.”
Glamour model Jodie Marsh rounded off the top five with “Here’s 10p – go phone your mum and tell her you won’t be coming home tonight.”
The UK’s 10 Cheesiest Chat Up Lines (and the celebrities voted most likely to use them) are:
1. “Your dad must be a thief because he stole the stars and put them in your eyes”- Calum Best
2. “If I were to rearrange the alphabet I would put U and I together”- Carol Vorderman
3. “I must be in heaven because I can see an angel” – Mario Marconi
4.”Did it hurt when you fell from heaven?” – Cristiano Ronaldo
5. “Here’s 10p – go phone your mum and tell her you won”t be coming home tonight” – Jodie Marsh
6. “You”re under arrest. The charge – trespassing in my dreams” – Rhys Ifans
7. “Is that a ladder in your tights or a stairway to heaven?” – Jonathan Ross
8. “You must be tired because you’ve been running through my mind all day” – Lee Sharpe
9. “If I said you had a beautiful body would you hold it against me?” – Peter Andre
10. “Do you have a map? Because I keep getting lost in your eyes” – Darius Danesh
Source: ANI

12 Bad Seo Techniques

1) Website should not have much Flash contents. Because all search engines cant able to recognize or read flash contents. Instead if your website has Text contents then the chances of being in top 10 of all search engines are more.

2) We can’t give overdose of javascripts to your website. As again Search engines can’t read them.

3) We can’t rely on META tags. As Search engines like GOOGLE dont measure your website from META tags.

4) We cant put keywords of our website in such a way that user cant able to see. like, Hiding them using same color as of your page color.

5) Don’t get own website content Texts from another website by just doing copy/paste. This will not help to improve website rank in search engines. It might happen that google may block your website.

6) We can’t use Bad keywords, or low density keywords related to our website. Also we cant use keywords that are not at all goes with the theme of our website.

7) Don’t put important Headings of a website content texts in form of image. Instead put important headings into <H1> tag. As search engine gives much importants to these heading tags of HTML

8) We can’t leave images residing in our website without any proper keyword based ALT tag.

9) Website taking more time to load because of messy coding and improper structure of code.

10) Having TITLE tag without using important Keywords.

11) We can’t build our website without having Internal links and most importantly Sitemap of our website.

12) We must avoid Inbound links from websites having very much low page rank nearly 0-1.

Hope it Helps you to optimize your website Better.